Toddlers Activities For The Terrible Twos?

Published: 10th March 2009
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Having lost interest in baby toys, but still too young to be involved in the activities provided for older children, toddlers are often seen as disruptive.

This second year is one of extraordinary rapid growth and development, but unless careful thought is given to how your toddlers needs can be provided for, the experience for many children, especially in-group care, can easily be negative and limiting.

The biggest test for us as parents is our patience, as our little infant is into everything and is everywhere.

They didn't call it the terrible twos for nothing.

But what can we do to make it a far smother ride?

By doing activities with your toddler, you will find out what makes your toddler tick, you will also strengthen your bond, and appreciation of each other.

Doing simple activities such as going on a nature walk, jumping in mud, going to a water baby class, doing paintings and playing with play dough, all help to strengthen your toddlers mind, body and soul.

How can these simple activities do this?

Your toddler is like a sponge, soaking in all the information it can, and by providing a variety of different activities, you will help expand your childs mind.

Nature Walk

Going on a nature walk, is great exercise, which benefits almost everyone.

It improves mood, appetite and quality of sleep and brings better general health.

It is especially important for children, as it develops their muscles, increases their strength and agility and improves their co-ordination, balance and sense of timing.

It also increases their understanding of the concept of distance, height and space.

Being outdoors has a positive impact on your childs well being and development. It offers them unique experiences and play opportunities that are different to those they have indoors.

When toddlers are outdoors they can enjoy the fresh air, being able to have direct contact with the natural world, the weather and the seasons.

Your toddler will be able to use whole-body, multi-sensory experiences, that offer them a new and exciting view on their world, as they crawl, roll, slide, smell and feel their environment.

By being outside, your toddler will have a sense of freedom and variety of spontaneous opportunities for investigation or exploration.

Outdoors is a place filled with rich stimulus and source of learning for toddlers.

The sights, smells, and sounds of outdoor will interest and intrigue them, and they will want to find out more of the world around them.

Physical and gross motor skills are developed as your child learns to run, climb and jump.

Fine motor skills are developed as they pick up twigs, leaves, stones or anything else that they may find on their walk.

They will also begin to feel more positive, as they become more confident in their new surroundings.

Water Babies

Taking your child to a water baby class will not only strengthen your child's physical development, but can help toddlers emotional well-being, confidence, concentration, hand-eye control and have improve their social skills, as they go into the preschool years.

Although the aim of Water Baby classes isn't to teach toddlers to swim, by attending this type of class, and by having such an early introduction to water, they will, undoubtedly, develop this skill quickly.

Even without all the benefits that being in the water will give your child, it is a great way for you both to relax.

Early Learning With Paints

It is a good idea to invest in hardwearing and stable toddler table and chairs.

They need to be the right height for your toddler to do activities in comfort, and provide you with peace of mind that they are safe, and that your lovely furniture doesn't get a toddler makeover!

Children naturally love to make things, and like nothing more than showing you their handywork.

For a young child, crafts and other artistic activities are great for confidence building and self-expression. A great fun learning game!

Doing art and crafts with your toddler, helps language skills, as they learn about color, shapes and textures of materials.

As they paints, stick or uses crayons they develop their memory skills, as well as their attention span, hand to eye control and fine motor skills.

It is a good idea to take your child to a toddler day care center or mother and baby group (or father group).

These get togethers are very important, as they allow your child to learn and have fun, doing toddler activities with others.

As children play, they learn how to solve problems, how to get along with each other, and they develop, enhance and master living skills.

They also learn to not always be dependant on you, while you can relax, finding comfort in the support and friendship of like minded people.

Toddler day care provides a great start for your child, and with trained staff who will plan a range of toddler activities, your children will be allowed to grow, develop and have fun together.

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